Ted's Book

Ted reveals the six secrets to achieving true happiness—and how they make success almost inevitable.

The Business of Happiness

After a jarring experience on an airplane early in his career, Ted Leonsis reached a hard truth: he was successful, but not necessarily happy.

Thus began a decades-long exploration of the relationship between success and happiness and the conclusion that happiness drives success – not the other way around.

In his book, The Business of Happiness, Leonsis describes six important factors that have a vital impact on both.

From developing higher levels of empathy and self-awareness to pursuing a higher calling, he asks audiences to not pour all their energy into one person, place, or thing, and to instead live with greater purpose and intention.

As Ted shows, the happier the company, the more successful it can become.

Maria Shriver, author, journalist, former First Lady of California

Ted Leonsis has one of the most creative minds in business. His insights on business, career planning, and how to succeed in today’s 24/7 environment reflect the wisdom of a renaissance man… and in “The Business of Happiness”, he is your personal guide.

Ken Chenault, Chairman & Managing Director, General Catalyst; former Chairman & CEO, American Express Company

This wonderful book is as bouncy, ebullient, energetic, and likeable as its author.

Don Graham, Chairman, Graham Holdings Company; former Publisher, Washington Post