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It was a beautiful day, we have come a long way – Thank you Potomac Village, and thank you Giant

Last week I attended a WNBA meeting with our new Commissioner, as well as an NHL and NBA Board of Governors meeting, all of which were held in New York City. Then I returned to D.C. to attend the Mystics playoff game.

Back-and-forth I went between DC and NYC, then finally I was home late Friday night – tired and spent.

On Saturday, while it was so beautiful outside, I ran some errands in Potomac Village.

I got my beard trimmed and a customer in the chair next to me said, “Hey Ted, ‘Go Caps,’ love how the team looks, strong up and down the line up.”

I then went to the drug store and a young woman asked, “Mr. Leonsis, can I send you my resume. I would love to intern at the Mystics next season.”

At the checkout counter, a man in line asked me about Rui and the Admiral, and said, “Play the young guys, Mr. Leonsis. We need upside and young legs now at the Wizards.”

I then went to the local Giant and as I walked in I was greeted by a huge Ovi O’s cereal display – of course I bought a dozen boxes – and as I walked through the grocery store, several people asked me to take selfies with them holding the cereal box. A store manager came up to me and said, “We are selling the cereal like crazy; we can’t keep it in stock. People are buying them to give as gifts. I hope we get to do an Elena branded cereal next!”

I said “So am I!”

I then went to buy some ice cream in the freezer section and there is a huge display featuring TJ Oshie.

Back at the checkout line, a fellow shopper walked up to me and said, “Hey Ted, today is my 80th birthday,” I paid for my groceries, grabbed a box of cereal, wrote ‘Happy 80th Birthday’ and gave him the Ovi O’s – my first gift giveaway!

Sixty minutes out of the house, so much good local vibes about our teams. Thank you — much respect and gratitude to Potomac Village – and thank you Giant.