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Revolution Growth Invests $40 Million in Chicago-Based Uptake

At Revolution, we invest in big ideas, helping innovators disrupt massive industries. That is why I am thrilled that Revolution Growth has invested in Uptake – a predictive analytics SaaS platform that provides actionable insights to solve key issues for iconic companies in major industries. Uptake was cofounded by Brad Keywell, a seasoned entrepreneur in data-driven B2B enterprise, in Chicago in 2014.

Since launching, Uptake has partnered with some of the most influential and engineering driven industrial companies, like Caterpillar, by providing them with insightful and actionable sets of data. Uptake has positioned itself as the premiere platform for applications in six industries: mining, energy, aviation, retail, rail, and construction. And in doing so, it has become a magnet for engineering talent in Chicago and across the country.

Uptake’s proprietary technology can provide enterprise-wide insights, such as predictive diagnostics and fleet optimization that have the potential to save companies significant costs while improving productivity, reliability, and safety.

Currently, available data analytics for companies in iconic industries remain largely unintegrated or are outright unheard of, which is why Uptake is helping to transform not just one, but many industries through next generation technologies.

Without a doubt, Uptake will create a leading platform in the Internet of Things category and I look forward to working with Brad and the team!